A bit more about myself & my journey

I found out about trading around five years ago when I was hunting for a way to escape the 9-5. In the short time I spent working a job I realised it wasn’t the life for me; I like my freedom and I really can’t get my head into work that I’m not passionate about. I knew something had to change so I was searching for ways to make passive income when I found out about the financial markets. I opened up a demo-trading account that same day and turned £10,000 into £17,000 on my lunch break, that’s when I knew this is something I had to pursue: Serious money on my own terms while going about my day? That’s exactly what I was looking for I’ll be rich in no time right?! So I thought… 

I then spent the next week giving back every penny that I made on the demo account along with the original £10,000 balance. 

 For whatever reason I then decided to give it a go with real money starting my first live account with a modest £250 deposit – by the next morning my balance was once again £0 and that’s when I realised I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I then dedicated 3+ hours every single day to learning the ins & outs of the financial markets. I did so without a mentor and worked my way through multiple trading strategies and approaches, indicators and ‘holy-grail’ methods, I finally thought I’d find success with my Trend-Lines & Support & Resistance combo but in the end it was all to no avail. Nothing seemed to work for me!

It was at this point I knew that if I wanted to build lasting success I had to dig deeper, create my own strategy & refine it until it brought consistent results. I went to work learning institutional methods & studying behind-the-scenes workings and the psychology of the markets. Through years of hard work & dedication I created a simple lifestyle-focused approach to trading that provides consistent success and has allowed me to escape the 9-5 routine to work on my own terms & pursue my passion. 

Now I want to help you to do the same!

I know first-hand just how hard trading can be & I want to help you reach the same level of success that I have without all of the struggles and losses I had to go through. It’s time to take back control of your time! Get in touch using the button below & I’ll help you decide what the next best step is for you & your trading journey.