My journey was similar to yours…here it is

Every trader starts at the very same point: ZERO. I am no different. I first heard about trading when I was working in a 9-5 job. I was fed up of the work I was doing and didn’t want to spend hours a day working on tasks that I didn’t enjoy, I’ve never been lazy work… but I have always wanted to work on building MY passions…not build someone else’s for them. So one fateful day, bored at my desk at work I was watching YouTube videos on how to make ‘passive income’. Trading was mentioned in a video, and from there I decided I’d open a demo account to test it out, with no intention of continuing with it.

After opening up a demo of ‘£10,000’ and placing a random oversized trade I set back to work, and when I checked in on the account 2 hours later I saw that my account was up by +£7,000!! I was mind-blown, and started thinking deeper into the possibility of trading for a living. At this point I started reading around and saw that people really were making a success of themselves via trading.

From that moment on I was hooked – needless to say I went on to lose the full £17,000 in the demo account, and then lose over £10,000 of real money in my first year, refusing to pay for education and hopping from strategy to strategy using ideas I collected from free courses and videos…in hindsight, NOT a good idea!

So after a monumentally bad first year I decided to SCRAP what I had learned up to this point and I decided to build out a strategy using some of the core concepts I had found along the way. These were supply & demand, market structure, and a simplified usage of ‘imbalances’ in the market. I also familiarised myself with the basics of macroeconomic analysis and instead of learning from others,
I decided from this point on to test for myself with the basics I had at hand, and learn from MYSELF.

Year two was long and tedious, but also very exciting, and by the end of the year I had started to develop a level of consistency that allowed me to generate reasonable (but still rather small) profits. 
I was no expert, but I was well on the right path to the trading success that I dreamed of so much…

Ever since that first little crumb of consistency I have developed new strategies, built upon my knowledge and gained THOUSANDS of hours of market experience. Now…it’s year six, and I am helping other traders to reach their success in the same ways that I did – using the flexible and repeatable systems that I have developed over my half-decade experience in the currency markets!

So far I have educated over 1,000 students, helped them to achieve over $6 million dollars in funding and generate hundreds of thousands in profits. 

I know how hard this journey can be. I have been through every up & down you can imagine and learned near every lesson I possibly could the HARD way. Now…I am bringing that knowledge to you, so that you can cut the pain quickly and reach your goals as FAST as physically possible!

So that’s it! That’s how we got here. And there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!