Why You Should Trade Less to Earn More

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Building a trading system & scaling capital to make more money is key for achieving your trading & career goals.

However there’s a classic catch-22 that comes into play…

In fact, I just had a conversation about this with a new member of the Trading Academy last week.

To build & sustain a trading career you have to put in work DAILY.

(and anyone that tells you different either got lucky or is lying)

Ironically, the reason many of us seek to build a trading career is to create the freedom to disconnect & spend more time exploring our passions or connecting with loved ones. But getting caught up in the hamster wheel of constant work takes away more freedom than it provides.

Operating on willpower alone in this trading marathon is not sustainable. At best it leads to inconsistent progress…which will keep your career from ever reaching the potential you envisioned. At worst, it paves the way to burnout – where even the thought of opening up a chart or doing some backtesting can seem overwhelming.

So how do we balance the need for constant input with the desire to live a freedom-focused life? The answer lies in implementing a system that maximises output while minimising effort.

I call it the Simple Success System.

And it transforms the hamster wheel of daily grind into an easy-to-manage process. But just because it simplifies your process doesn’t mean your trading will be any less effective. I made over $8,000 last week leveraging this exact process, in just 20-40 minutes per day of work.

Cool, right?

And in today’s article I’m going to share this powerful system with you. Leverage it & you can start growing your career FAST – without losing all hours of the day to constant ‘grinding’.

The Simple Success System Explained

The foundation of the Simple Success System lies in creating a simple daily routine to manage your trading. It entails reflecting on what ‘works’ and what needs to be done, while eliminating the tasks & activities that eat up your time & focus.

Think of it like this:

Right now you might spend 1-2 hours a day looking for setups and a further 3-4 hours glued to the charts watching those setups play out. But time spent watching trades play out is absolutely time wasted. Whether you stare at the chart or not, the market is still going to move in the same way. If there are price levels you plan to go breakeven at or reassess the trade, you can simply use alerts or pending orders to manage your trade for you while you go about your day.

You also don’t need to spend so much time looking for trades. If you had a setups playbook of your top 1-3 entry models, you could just look for these each day & if they happen you enter & if they don’t you stay out of the market – eliminating 90% of your chart time & preventing you from pointlessly overtrading.

Practically 80-90% of the time you spend on trading each day is wasted, and counter-productive. Real, profitable, successful trading can almost always be slimmed down to 20-60 minutes per day.

So let’s have a go at simplifying your trading right now.

Defining Your Essential Work

As an amateur trader looking to go full-time there are a few essential tasks you MUST carry out every day.

  • Identify setups
  • Execute setups
  • Manage setups
  • Journal setups
  • Study & Learn

To make essential progress these tasks cannot be ignored. You need to trade, you need to journal & you need to study. But if we think about how long these tasks really take you’ll realise how much time you are wasting each day.

To analyse the market & look for our systematic setups takes about 10-15 minutes. Executing a trade is one click of a button. Managing trades is also done at the click of a button. And your trades are closed automatically with take profit or stop loss orders.

So the actual time that you need to spend TRADING each day is around 10-20 minutes. You don’t need to spend the 4-8 hours that a trade takes to play out watching the chart, because as we said you can just set alerts & orders at your key levels and react to the market when you’re notified that price is where you need it to be.

Trade out 5 hours of wasted time for 5 minutes of work with alerts & orders!

As for journaling, the simple act of screenshotting your setups, sticking them in a journal platform & writing a small note takes 5-10 minutes per trade – so at most this will add another 10-20 minutes of work to your day.

And really…that is ALL YOU NEED TO DO daily to build a $100,000 trading career. We’ve slimmed down your entire day of wasted time into 20-40 minutes of work.

Achieve More By Doing Less

By slimming down the time it takes to carry out the essential trading tasks we:

  • Create more free time to study
  • Create more free time to enjoy life
  • Disconnect from trading & reduce stress

The mental burden is lowered & you can trade with more clarity & focus without the ‘brain fog’, frustration or analysis paralysis you get from a pointless 10 hour losing trading session.

You’ll actually build the life of FREEDOM that was the reason you started trading in the first place AND you’ll have way more time to study & learn which is ultimately where your focus should be right now if your plan is to go BIG in the near future.

By doing only the work that you NEED to do & spending only the time that you NEED to spend watching charts you’ll eliminate time wasting activities & destroy your ‘overtrading’ problem which is a major hurdle to success.

Less is More!

You Need a Good Strategy

There’s one crucial thing to know… The ‘simple success system’ cannot be employed into your life if you don’t have a good trading strategy. A good strategy is repeatable & requires you to look for the same things each day – which is how you can slim down your chart time to looking only for your specific winning setups.

If all you have is a sporadic set of confluences that you try & fish trades with then it’s impossible to slim down chart time, and it’s impossible to make money because you’re working with random unproven concepts in an unsystematic way.

So while it’s all well & good to trade for 20-40 minutes per day, and while it’s absolutely more effective, enjoyable & profitable than your current long & stressful trading days, it cannot be done without a solid system in place.

Before you do ANYTHING else you must learn a proven system. You can’t make any progress until you do. You can shortcut the system creation process by working with me & learning my hyper-effective strategies in the Trading Academy & community.

>>> Work With Me To Build Your Market Edge

Once you’ve done that you can start slimming down your work hours & achieving better results with the Simple Success System.

When you have a strategy & you implement the Simple Success System you can scale your trading to $10,000/month on autopilot by simply following your essential daily processes.

Trading becomes ‘easy’ and enjoyable, and you can actually live the life of freedom you’re looking for, while scaling to huge numbers in just a few minutes per day.

That is truly how trading should be.

Take some time this weekend to start implementing your Simple Success System, and cut back on the pointless tasks that are eating away all of your time. 

Swing by with a response to let me know your simplified plans moving forward!

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