The ULTIMATE 5-Step Process For New Traders

November 11, 2022

Online financial trading has blown up in popularity in recent years thanks to the all new accessibility that the internet brought to the market place. While it’s very easy to get started, it’s VERY hard to actually succeed. Most traders start off their journey by funding a real account with their own money which almost always ends in a total loss. I did this too and learned the hard way…but with 6 years of experience under my belt I know EXACTLY what you should do to succeed in trading from the get-go. Here’s my 5-step process to becoming a consistently profitable trader as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

TLDR; Go & watch the video at the bottom of the blog

1 – Invest In Education

Great education will put you miles ahead of the competition. When I started trading I chose not to invest in a course or mentor as I was reluctant to spend money on a course or mentor. As it turns out I ended up losing over £10,000 and 1-2 years of valuable time in the long, daunting process of self-teaching. If I was to start again from zero I would immediately put some money up for solid education, and save myself the money, time and pain of self-teaching

2 – Backtest & Demo Trade

The second thing I would do after going through a course and learning a winning system is BACKTEST religiously for 1-2 months at the minimum to build experience with the system. I would open up a paper trading account to practise my trading with no risk and use the next couple of months to align myself with the strategy I had learned. The goal here is to avoid the CYCLE OF DOOM that most traders go through: skipping study, strategy hopping, and losing thousands of dollars.

3 – Open a Small Live Account

Step three would be to open a small live account of $500-$1,000, not with the goal to make money but instead to get a feel for the psychology of making and losing money in the markets. Without skin in the game it’s impossible to ever get a real feel for the emotional ups & downs that you will encounter every week as a trader, so by risking a bit of my own money (without risking too much) I could develop my mental game alongside my technical skillset.

4 – Apply For a Funding Challenge

The fourth step in my action plan would be to apply for a funding challenge. Realistically this could probably be done as early as 6 months into your trading journey IF you had followed all of the prior steps and studied daily to build your experience in every aspect of the field. Unfortunately this step takes most people YEARS because they spend the first few years throwing money around and donating to the markets with no clear plan in place. With all of the first three steps in place, it would be possible to pass a funding challenge and get access to larger capital to work with, which you can then use to make a solid income from trading and grow your career from there.

5 – Save, Build, Reinvest, Refine

The final step in the PERFECT beginners approach would be to SAVE the money made from the funded account. BUILD more of both personal and funded capital. REINVEST profits into trading accounts (and other assets to diversify & grow net worth) and continually refine your trading strategy to continue profiting and improving every single month for the rest of your career.

The PERFECT Beginners Blueprint To Trading Success

What I have laid out here is in my opinion the PERFECT approach to take to trading if you are a beginner OR if you are a trader who has fumbled your journey so far by throwing money around wildly (sometimes starting again is the best thing you can do).

I have made a full YouTube video where I sit and talk through my action plan. You can check it out below:

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