Great Trades (Phase 2)


Improving Your Trades

As a trader you want to strive for perfection in your processes. Good trades are not enough. You need the trades that you risk your money on to be great.

Every leak you can eliminate will increase the amount of money you make and the amount of money you keep ~ both important for scaling your career past the breakeven point and into healthy profits.

To make our good trades great we can start to layer on additional confluences and bring new concepts into our system.

The concepts I want to introduce you to in this lesson are Liquidity & Momentum.

I’ll show you how to increase risk vs reward to make more money per trade too.

And I want to get you thinking about the BATTLE between buying & selling that is taking place. Once you understand this battle & how to read it using candlesticks you’ll have a deep understanding of the market & your results will improve.

Watch the video class & I’ll show you how to make good trades great.