Good Trades (Phase 1)


Choosing Trade Concepts

‘Concepts’ are simply the market theories you choose to use & apply when doing your trading. There are literally hundreds of different ‘concepts’ people use to view markets. Trend lines, chart patterns, support & resistance, Wyckoff, Gann, Elliott Wave…the list goes on.

There is no right or wrong in trading ~ money is made in how well you systemise the concepts you choose to use. It’s the system that pays you, not the concept itself, so realistically you can choose absolutely any concepts that resonate with you.

There are however some concepts that I find to be the BEST. This is my personal opinion and some would disagree with me which is fine… But the concepts I’ll be teaching you in this class have worked for me and 2,200+ other traders who’ve used them to collectively make millions of dollars in real profit.

If you’ve tried out a bunch of strategies & you’ve so far found no success… Let me introduce you to the strategy that may change the game:

Logic Based Concepts

This is a term I’ve given to the subset of analysis concepts I use:

  • Market Structure
  • Supply & Demand
  • Liquidity
  • Market Efficiency
  • Momentum

All of the concepts I use are pure price-action. That means zero indicators, I just read real raw price movements to determine where the market is & where it’s likely to go. The main goal of my strategy is to read into the ‘WHY’ behind each move.

The markets move because of a giant battle between buyers & sellers and my logic-based concepts allow me to see this battle in real-time in massive depth, which is why I think this is the best technical system out there.

Once again, that’s opinion not fact. It’s not a ‘holy grail’ but it works great for me & thousands of others I’ve taught.

Putting The Concepts Into Action To Find Good Trades

A deeper explanation on the concepts & the application of them is better covered visually ~ so watch the video lesson above if you haven’t already.