Become a Profitable Trader


Becoming a Profitable Trader

Now that you have a blueprint for catching profitable trades consistently there are a few big things you need to consider:

  • Further strategy developments
  • Further knowledge of the market
  • The time it takes to build winning systems
  • The ‘Iron Mind’ you need to develop to win
  • Building real market experience

Money is not made on individual trades, it’s made over the long-term. Everything listed above is ESSENTIAL for becoming a full-time career trader.

There’s 2 ways you can get this stuff. You can try & work It out yourself which is doable, but the learning curve can be very costly & there’s a high chance you’ll give up before you make it work.

OR you can learn from me & trade with me to develop your skills.

I don’t like ‘sales pitches’ but I know without a doubt my program will change your trading for the better if you’ll give it a shot…so let me just run you through it:

90% of traders lose. 90% of traders quit. Those who stick around long enough to win did one of two things:

  • Get a mentor & learn a winning system & succeed in 6-12 months
  • Self teach and lose years & piles of cash before they work it out

I’m not that smart, I self taught & it costed me 2 years & $30,000 lol

SO to avoid the wasted time & huge losses all together, I can just give you everything you need literally right now. I’ll present you with absolutely every intricate detail of all the systems I use & teach you how to form your very own trading plan to fit your lifestyle & commitments – and then put it into action with you every day.

You’ll learn:

  • How to read the market like a pro
  • How to take winning trades consistently
  • How to balance profit & loss to make money long-term
  • How to avoid big downswings & win steadily
  • How to master your mindset & become ‘Iron Minded’
  • The essential backtesting & journaling strategies I use
  • How to get funded & get $100k+ to trade with

There’s also a full course on scaling your skillset up into a full-time career and a bunch of additional learning materials, templates, cheat sheets & some extended education series’ that I add new lessons to regularly.

There’s a Community Too

A big part of the program is the ‘Mastermind Network’.

This is a online community where I post almost-daily analysis videos, share my trade ideas & case study every trade I take. There are hundreds of members from around the world trading the systems together, sharing their personal lessons, wins & losses so you can learn & stay motivated alongside other traders with the same ambitions.

Don’t worry, we don’t bite. There’s no toxicity or bullying or anything of the sort if you’re a beginner. I know that coming in to a network can be scary… but everyone here is friendly so don’t let that scare you off!

And unlike most mentors I’m available to help when needed. I offer personal support & will help you with anything you need guidance on – and you can join me & the team for live calls regularly to keep the learning flowing.

No Better Place.

I won’t bore you with everything else that’s included. I just want to let you know that there is quite literally NO BETTER PLACE to learn a strategy that works, build experience alongside a mentor and ultimately master trading.

My Academy has changed the lives of thousands. $20 million in funding & $6.5 million in profits have come out of my Academy teachings.

Traders who had been losing forever have come in & made upward of $10k days, $20k weeks and $50k months. It feels insane to say that, but that’s just how it is.

So anyway… If you want to check it out just click the link below.

There’s a 30% discount for you there and a limited time bonus too which you’ll see more about on the ‘sales page’.

>>> Have a look at the Academy, it might just change your life

Hope you enjoyed 7 Steps. And I hope we’ll be working together in the Academy today too. See you inside.