7 Steps – Course Outline


What are you going to learn?

In the ‘7 Steps’ program you’re going to learn my method for building trading systems & turning your long-term losing trading into consistently profitable results.

It’s an all-in-one process for preparing a trading strategy, optimising it and refining it to perfection so that it pays you for a lifetime.

The lessons in this course are short & easy to consume and you can start using them to improve your trading immediately, in just 30-60 minutes of study per day.

This method is easy to apply & doesn’t take long ~ but it’ll create lasting positive results.

A Quick Rundown of the Process

Here’s a summary of the process I’m teaching you:

  • You will first learn how to put together a basic trading system
  • You will apply the system to a market & identify trade opportunities
  • You’ll layer on clarity with extra concepts I’ll teach you to make your trades better
  • You’ll then use more advanced concepts to make your trades PERFECT
  • You’ll track, study & ‘pattern analyse’ your trades to craft a repeatable winning system for ‘perfect’ trades
  • You’ll gain the confidence to start applying your strategy to funding evaluations (or personal capital) to trade $100,000+ and start making your first $50k/year from trading.

By following the process I’m laying out or you in this 7-part course you’ll put an end to confusion, strategy hopping & endless losing and transform your trading to create a thriving career & a freedom-centric life.

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