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Currency trading is one of the hardest endeavours you can take on. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that just when you feel like you're getting it you run into another huge barrier, that's why 90% of traders fail and quit without ever reaching their true potential.

But the potential to succeed at trading is within you! Even if sometimes it feels impossible.

Most traders encounter one of these major hurdles:

Sadly most traders (more than 9 in 10!) give up at these hurdles and never see trading through to success. But I know from experience that with the right guidance, long-term personal support and commitment ANYONE can become profitable.

That's why I built my Trading Academy! So far I've helped over 150 aspiring traders achieve their goals of building a winning trading career and I'm on a mission to help many more.

Achieve Your Trading Goals

All traders have goals, usually to become a part-time or full-time trader, but it's not an easy task! The Trading Academy takes the stress out of trading by providing a simple way to view & trade the markets and offering a step-by-step system for consistent results.

Learn WHY the market moves, how you can profit from it & how to keep your risk and mindset in check while you work.

It's More Than Just a Course

The Trading Academy has so much more to offer than just a course - students can join my exclusive trading community to trade with me every day and access the members area for weekly market analysis videos & 50+ additional request-based educational videos, and attend monthly team meet-ups on Zoom to talk progress.


Learn a methodical approach to trading


Trade alongside me & other students daily

Members Area

Weekly analysis videos & 40+ bonus videos


Team meetups online every month to talk progress

The Problem With Trading Courses SOLVED

There is one MAJOR flaw in most trading courses: a total lack of focus on the information that really matters. Most courses (even the really expensive ones!) throw a module of technical analysis at you and send you off on your own to work the rest out yourself offering NO personal support and NO insights into important topics.

What about the massive mental maze that traders have to go through? What about risk control? What about journaling and testing so you can actually learn from the good & bad moves you make? What about continued personal support? How are you expected to win without any of this?!

I CARE about your results - that's why I do things differently

My academy is crafted by traders, for traders. I know exactly what you need to see trading through to the end goal. My students are NEVER left in the dark, we work and grow as a team!

Course Modules

The Trading Academy covers all bases. From a beginner-friendly introduction to advanced technical analysis. Important risk management and in-depth psychology lessons - there really is EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

Forex Foundations

6 videos

Trader Psychology

4 videos

Risk Management

9 videos


6 videos

Technical Trading

51 videos

Trading Plan

8 videos

Forex Foundations
A beginner-friendly introduction to the forex markets for those who are new to the industry. Learn what forex is, who trades it and why. In this section you can learn about different order types, different ways of trading and more
Trading Psychology
Trading is a mental game and your mindset plays a crucial part in your success. Learn all about the different emotions you will face and how you can master your psychology to trade calm & collected through all situations
Risk Management
Without risk management no trader can win. Dive into this in-depth series teaching everything you need to know about controlling risk. Learn all the methods of limiting your risk per trade and build a complete understanding of risk vs reward
Fundamental Analysis
Politics and global events play a role in market action. Develop a clear understanding of the news that sways currencies and how you can avoid getting caught out
Technical Trading
Ditch useless basic retail concepts and learn a true price-action approach to technical analysis using 'smart money' techniques. Build a strategy that brings high risk vs reward opportunity week in and week out
Trading Plan Creation
Every successful trader has a PLAN. The Academy includes a whole chapter on building your own personal trading plan to follow, using the methods of risk control and analysis that you learn within the course.

Years of Success!

Since opening the doors to my Trading Academy I have helped over 150 students level up their trading. Many of my students have reached their goals of full-time or part-time trading through the valuable knowledge & guidance the Academy offers!




Satisfaction rate

Here's some words from my students

I value all of my students - here are some testimonials from
members of the JeaFx Trading Academy & community.

I've been under JeaFX since he opened the doors to the community. Since day one, he has been there throughout my trading journey. I can't thank him enough, the transparency he displays. Shows us that we all have our bad days, both professional and non. Its a process, so as a Mentor and dear friend I highly recommend JeaFX. The content of his course will indeed elevate both beginner and professional traders. Invest in yourself and allow JeaFX to be that light at the end of the tunnel that leads to your success as a trader.
Thomas Decker
The course teaches a strategy that can be implemented on all timeframes depending on your style of trading. James has a discord community where he & his members share ideas and potential setups for each week. The price of the course itself is very reasonable (absolute bargain) compared to many out there! Once it becomes clear you will be so glad you invested in the course as well as yourself, there is no holy grail but this course is as close as you will get and all you will need. All you need to do is start today and never quit.
Paul Stokes
Since joining the JeaFx trading academy my understanding for the market has grown rapidly! The course has taught me a new method of trading and opened my eyes to why so many traders lose. Through the knowledge and experience I've gained from the course and trading community I learned where I was going wrong and why I was losing trades, and have got my trading onto the right path. If you're looking for a course that covers all areas of trading and a personal mentor who actually cares choose JeaFx!
Connah Newland

A little bit about me

I’m James –  a full time currency trader with five years of market experience. After 2 years of struggle I finally started to see my commitment to the market bring results. Throughout the past 3 years I have developed my consistency to the point I’ve been able to take up trading as a full-time endeavour and ever since moving to full-time status I’ve been on a mission to help other aspiring traders achieve their dreams of success in an industry we share such a deep passion for.

This Course is for You if:

Come Aboard!

If you’re serious about trading and you have a passion to win in this field I really look forward to welcoming you to the Trading Academy. It’s a wonderful community we’re building here and I love to see aspiring traders step closer to their goals of fulfilling a trading career every single day under my guidance. See you inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

The course eases slowly into an advanced way of trading and includes an optional beginner friendly ‘forex foundations’ module too. Meaning the course is suitable for both total beginners AND advanced traders who want to sharpen their skills

The course teaches my flexible ‘smart money’ approach. You will learn a price-action focused technical analysis system that works on all timeframes meaning it’s suitable for swing traders and day traders alike!

The Academy course is entirely made up of pre-recorded video content meaning you can go through the course in your own time at your own pace. I understand that everybody has other commitments so I made sure the course content can be worked around that.

The main course content is around 11 hours long in total with every minute packed full of value. New content is added frequently and there are an additional 40+ videos in the members area for your viewing with more being added every month.

Every member of the Trading Academy gains instant free access to my community server for day-to-day trading & market insights, new weekly content and community discussion.

The Trading Academy has a full course module on trading psychology and a full module on risk management too. The course is designed to cover all bases, not just charts.

When you finish the course you will have a full technical trading system and an actionable trading plan to follow. You will know  how to tie risk control into your trading and you will also have a deep insight of what true trader mindset looks like.

If you get stuck or confused with any of the topics in the course I am always just a message away! I offer personal guidance to each of my students meaning I’ll be there to help you out when you need a hand.

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I want to start off with a HUGE Thank You!


As a Mentor and dear friend I highly recommend JeaFX. The content of his course will indeed elevate both beginner and professional traders. Invest in yourself and allow JeaFX to be that light at the end of the tunnel that leads to your success as a trader.

Thomas Decker

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