The JeaFx Trading Course includes EVERYTHING you need to build lasting trading success



Instantly access 10+ hours of in-depth educational content teaching a simplistic price-action approach to trading the markets. Learn the exact processes & techniques that I use to consistently make money in the forex & commodity markets and find out how you can tie everything together to build your own successful trading plan.

Before you start studying my strategy it is important to have a clear understanding of my trading style and accurate expectations in place.

The first section of the course will run you through all of this, and will get you set up ready to trade with a broker & trading platform.

Clear concise videos teaching you all about the forex market. Who trades it? What do we trade? When is the best time to trade?

Forex Foundations sets off the learning by giving even total beginners the foundations they need to begin.

Mastering your mindset is crucial before you can become a successful trader. Learn the methodology I use to maintain an effective, level-headed approach to trading regardless of market conditions.

Money management is what keeps successful traders on top. You will learn all of my techniques for managing money and minimising losses, and come away with clear limits in place to help you keep hold of your capital.

Fundamentals are the real-world events that drive the forex & commodity markets. Find out how I successfully analyse fundamentals to trade in line with the overall flow of the market & find high probability trade setups.

Master the art of technical analysis and build yourself an edge in the markets by digging deep into my personal strategies & learning a simplistic yet highly effective method of trading.

Masters of price action; we leave indicators for the 95%.

Learn how to develop a personalised trading plan that suits your style – using all the different aspects taught throughout the course.

After you’ve completed the course, dig into hours of footage showing the entire process I go through when finding & executing trade opportunities.

Seeing me carry out the process will give you a feel for the methodology you should perform. 


Join the community server to trade with me & the team every day. Follow me as I break down the markets trade-by-trade and learn from every opportunity. Build your trading edge & confidence by taking live trades each week and get involved in community discussions & live sessions. Share your wins, losses & lessons with the team.


Receive bi-weekly breakdowns of the forex market and dive into a large collection of extra educational videos inside the JeaFx member’s area. Make requests on educational topics, view trade recaps & case studies and get regular investing ideas for building long-term wealth aside from your day-to-day trading.

Seamlessly enter the community with straightforward tutorials to get you started without difficulty.



Lifetime access to the JeaFx trading course and online trading community. Get started with simple & effective SMART MONEY methods.
£ 295
  • JeaFx Trading Strategy Course
  • 15+ hours of educational content
  • Trading community access
  • Daily live trading ideas
  • Members area access


Add 3x 1-hour sessions of 1-2-1 mentoring to your course & community package. Get started with simple & effective SMART MONEY methods.
£ 395
  • JeaFx Trading Strategy Course
  • 15+ hours of educational content
  • Everything included in the JeaFx Course package
  • 3x hours of 1-2-1 guidance