3rd Place on FTMO with an $11,000 day

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This is really cool…

One of my students just hit 3rd place on the FTMO leaderboard after making $11,000 in one day.

Taking his profit for this month up to +$18,000.

Hitting 3rd place returns in a global pool of traders in an awesome achievement.

But even cooler than that is the skillset he’s developed

And the fact he just made what many people make in 6 months in just a couple of weeks.

Trading is a skill that sticks with you. When you master your mind, your system & dial in your perception of what it takes to win, you can continue to win endlessly, make outrageous returns & create freedom in your life.

Meaning more time to do the things you want to do, and more money to spend to pursue your passions.

It’s not just technical analysis that got him to that position. It’s a culmination of lessons that shaped his mentality, his approach and formed a winning process that can be applied over & over again.

And yes…18% is an amazing return for one month. It won’t be like this every month – that’s just how trading is.

But even making 4%, or 5% will result in an income big enough to keep the ‘jobs’ and ‘bosses’ at bay…

Meaning more freedom, and more enjoyment in life!

I love to see it.

If you want me to help you do the same;

maybe not hit the top 3 spot on a global trading leaderboard (but who knows!)

But certainly craft a winning approach to trading that can pay you for a lifetime, then check this out 👇

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