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Why You're Not Winning at Trading

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70 Minutes

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Over 90% of traders fail - because 90% of traders use the same poor technical analysis methods and share the same weak mindset!

Within this 70 minutes mini training course I hope to show you where you're going wrong and open your eyes to a new perspective of the markets.

What's Covered in the Course?

Trading isn't all just about charts even if technical analysis does play a big part in your success. This course covers all bases and touches upon risk management and trading psychology alongside the right way to trade using charts.

Risk Management

The top risk control pitfalls and how to make sure you don't fall in to them.

Technical Analysis

Learn a TRUE way to look at the charts using a REAL price-action approach.

Trading Psychology

See where traders go wrong with their discipline & how you can create a winning attitude.

About The Educator

James Edward / JeaFx

I am a full-time currency trader with 6 years of experience in the markets under my belt. I have been through the ups & downs of trading and fallen into the same mistakes that many traders never get out of. At this point I have helped students achieve collectively over $5 million in funding, and I'll be sharing my knowledge here with you to help you rejuvenate your trading career.

6+ Years Experience

Full-time Trader

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