JeaFX Trading Academy

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Welcome to the JeaFx Trading Accelerator.

This is the primary course for mastering all essential concepts required for your trading success.

DO NOT start any other courses until you have completed this one & DO NOT skip through any episodes of this course unless you want to damage your progress.

Welcome To The Course

I want you to take your time through the videos inside of this course and use this as the base for your learning. This course is far from everything you will get inside of the Accelerator ~ but everything you learn within will build out the basis for further learning.

  • Take your time
  • Watch every video
  • Collect notes along the way

When you’re ready use the curriculum to the right to start with the first video.


Forex Foundations

Psychology Foundations

Risk Management


Technical foundations

Core concepts

High timeframe strategy (swing trading)

Low timeframe strategy (intra-day)

Trading plan creation



Psychology 2.0

Proprietary trading

Course conclusion