STOP LOSING MONEY in crypto and see what I AM DOING to catch 20x profits on the next cryptocurrency bull-run.


The 20x Program

The 20x Document

My 25-page document covering my top Cryptocurrency picks for 2022-2023, where I plan to buy & why with FULL cycle analysis


Webinars hosted a few times throughout the year when needed to talk about the latest movements in crypto & how it affects us

Updates Channel

Telegram channel for all members to be updated on any changes or updates in my long term cryptocurrency investing plan


Most people are getting absolutely DESTROYED by the falling crypto market prices. Since the bull-run ended in 2021 crypto has been tumbling hard with most blue chip digital assets down over -70-90% in the space of 6 months (taking a lot of portfolios with it!). In this time I have been waiting on the sidelines making small investments into crypto on the way down with most of my investable cash ready (safe & sound!) to buy lots of digital assets at the best possible prices.

Since I really started to dig deep I realised it wasn’t hard to work out where crypto is going, I simply follow the cycles that repeat time & time again. This is what allowed me to make +1,000% profits on XRP, +1,200% profits on NEO, and offload all my bags at a 15-20% deviation from all time highs (rather than a full 90% loss like most people are sitting on right now!).

My investment thesis is simple: buy blue-chip digital assets when they are low > wait for the bull cycle to repeat > sell them when they are high. Sounds easy right? It is! But the hard part for most is working out what ‘LOW’ really is…is $1000 low? or $1? Most people also struggle with targets and end up holding their digital assets way longer than they should giving back ALL their profits and then some….

If you are LOSING MONEY in crypto, wanting to TAKE ADVANTAGE of one of the biggest opportunities right now, wanting to UNDERSTAND CYCLES or all of the above…then my 20x Program will suit you well. I have created a 25-page document outlining MY TOP PICKS for 2022, where I plan to buy and where I plan to sell. You will learn a lot from my understanding of market cycles and you may even get some ideas for your own personal investing plans.


Everything you need to know about the 20x program

The 20x document outlining my crypto picks, analysis and buy prices. The Telegram updates channel and any future webinars hosted in the 20x community.

You will learn how I read markets with deep cycle analysis to work out where crypto is going next. You will also get to see all my top picks and the exact levels I plan to buy at.

No. I am not an investment manager or investment advisor. The 20x document simply outlines my personal thoughts and plans that you can learn from and use as inspiration for your own investing ideas.

You should never blindly copy another persons investments. The purpose of the 20x program is to give you deep cycle analysis and ideas to work off to build your own portfolio.

No. This is a one off payment for the 20x document & updates channel. Any webinars hosted in the future are free and also recorded for those who miss the call to watch at a later date.

Profits are NEVER guaranteed in any investment. Cryptocurrency is high risk and markets are prone to huge volatility. I personally think this is THE BEST plan to profit from the falling crypto market BUT ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and there is large risk with all speculative investments.

You don’t need to invest anything at all with me. If you decide to take inspiration from the document and start a cryptocurrency portfolio of your own you should only ever INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. Never invest money that you need.

No. The document covers only blue-chip cryptocurrencies and one low-cap (but very promising) project. As this is my personal investment plan I aim to be as ‘safe’ as possible in this very risky asset class.

The 20x Program

Prepare yourself for a huge opportunity
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  • 20x Document
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  • 20x Updates Channel


Turn your portfolio around, learn how to professionally analyse cryptocurrency movements and take full advantage of the HUGE OPPORTUNITY in front of you. See you inside the 20x Program!

Risk Disclaimer

Trading/investing in cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest in/trade cryptocurrency you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk tolerance. There is a possibility that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your investment and therefore you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose. You should be fully aware of all the risks involved with cryptocurrency investing/trading and seek advice from a financial advisor if you are not fully aware of the risks.

All opinions/views/analysis/coverage contained within the 20x document or any further updates is provided purely for educational value and should be viewed as general market commentary rather than investment advice. JeaFx Ltd cannot accept any liability for loss of profit or initial investment capital and you should carry out your own thorough research before buying any digital assets of your own. Everything within the 20x document & updates channel is the opinion of the writer and should not be taken as financial advice.